Developments in the region and strengthening cooperation at the head of Egyptian-Chinese talks

The official spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency, Bassam Rady, said that Xi Jinping “stressed that China attaches special importance to its relations with Egypt, given the pivotal role of Egypt in its regional environment at the level of the Middle East, Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.”.

For his part, Sisi affirmed Egypt’s keenness to build on the momentum resulting from the regular meetings held between senior officials in Egypt and China, in an effort to reach bilateral cooperation to broader horizons of coordination and joint cooperation in many fields, especially development, economic and trade, and to attract more investments. The Chinese government takes advantage of the promising investment opportunities currently available in Egypt in various sectors.

The meeting witnessed discussions on enhancing the existing cooperation between the two countries in a number of fields, including scientific research activities and technology transfer related to the pharmaceutical industries, the manufacture of Corona vaccines, and industrial technologies.

They also discussed ways to enhance cooperation in the fields of communications, information technology, and electric cars, as well as maximizing cooperation and coordination between health care providers in the two countries to transfer Chinese expertise in combating the Corona pandemic..

They also discussed enhancing trade exchange between the two countries, reviewing joint projects in various fields, and the progress made in their implementation.

The two presidents agreed on the “importance of the role that the Suez Canal Economic Zone plays in promoting China’s (Belt and Road) initiative and supporting its achievement of its desired goals, especially through the Egyptian-Chinese zone for economic and trade cooperation.”

During the meeting, the Egyptian and Chinese presidents discussed a number of regional and international issues of common interest, foremost of which are the developments of the Renaissance Dam file, the developments of the Palestinian cause, and the crises in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The two sides agreed on the importance of continuing coordination and consultation between the two countries at the bilateral level, and within the framework of international organizations and forums, as well as strengthening mutual cooperation in the field of combating terrorism..

They also discussed ways to support tripartite partnership and cooperation between the two countries on the African continent, with a focus in this regard on development priorities in Africa on the basis of national ownership of development programs, the African Development Agenda 2063, and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, in addition to continuous coordination and cooperation to achieve the optimal benefit for countries Continent of China’s pledges under the Belt and Road Initiative.

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