Devoured livestock for 80 years .. Hunting the largest crocodile ever

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the length of the crocodile is more than four meters, while the weight of the animal is about 410 kilograms.

This alligator was caught in southern Florida after it has been preying on livestock in the area for eighty years.

The fisherman was able to find the crocodile in a private lake after he shot him in the head, using a “STW” rifle.

After the crocodile was hit in the head, the animal was pulled out of the lake, in a hunt described as “exciting”.

At a later stage, the hunter placed the crocodile’s head on the wall as a decoration to remind him of his unforgettable hunting trip, while the meat was processed.

And when the hunter posted the photo on social platforms, it got a wide interaction, and the animal’s photos were shared thousands of times.

But the images of these animals in the hands of hunters are not only admirable, they sometimes generate indignation, especially among animal rights activists.

Activists criticize the practice of killing animals for entertainment, or taking their parts as decoration, while there is no need to eat their meat or benefit from it vitally.

But defenders of crocodile hunting say that the hunter did a favor, as long as he rid the farmers of the animal that preys on livestock.

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