Do corona vaccines affect menstrual disorders?

The agency added that this assessment comes in light of reports of menstrual irregularities after receiving the two vaccines.

It is not yet clear whether there is a causal relationship between the two vaccines and the reports, according to Reuters.

And the European Medicines Agency also said last December that it had not proven a link between changes in the menstrual cycle and Covid-19 vaccines, after a study in Norway indicated that some women suffered from heavy menstrual blood after being vaccinated.

The agency added today, Friday, that there is no evidence to suggest that vaccines affect fertility.

After reviewing the available evidence, the agency’s Drug Risk Assessment Committee said it decided to request an evaluation of all available data, including reports from patients, healthcare professionals, clinical trials and published studies.

It is also noted that a new research study stated that the Corona virus can invade and destroy the placenta and may lead to stillbirths in women infected with the virus.

The study indicated that it is an uncommon result of any pregnancy, but women who have contracted Covid disease face a higher risk. The authorities believe that vaccination can prevent these cases.

Researchers from 12 countries, including the United States, analyzed placental tissue and autopsied 64 stillborns and four cadavers of newborns who were born but died shortly after birth. All cases included unvaccinated women who contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy.

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