Do not invade Ukraine… a rare violent message from a Russian general to Putin

Moscow (news now) – 07/02/2022. 16:31

A stinging and rare message to Putin

In a “rare” letter bearing the tone of sharp opposition to the president Vladimir PutinA prominent Russian military warned of the consequences of an invasion UkraineAnd with the continuing tension between Moscow and the West over the thorny issue.

The head of the All-Russian Officers Association, Leonid Ivashov, a retired general who served as the head of military cooperation in the Russian Defense Ministry and was close to Putin, warned of the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine,

He accused the president of fomenting an “artificial” struggle to divert attention from Russia’s domestic problems.

Ivashov wrote an open letter in which he criticized Putin’s policies, and said that the president “seeks to enter a war even though Moscow does not face any serious threats.”

The senior military official said in his message, which was published by Western media, that he feared that Russia would become “pariahed by the international community” if it launched an invasion of Ukraine.

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