Domestic violence topples the prime minister of a state

This came a day after the Peruvian President, Drew Castillo, said that he would conduct a new cabinet reshuffle, less than 3 days after announcing the formation of the ministry.

“I decided to amend the government,” the leftist president said during a short televised speech, referring to Parliament’s refusal to discuss the vote of confidence in the government that was formed a few days ago, according to “AFP.”

President Castillo’s statement came after widespread condemnation of Valere’s selection as prime minister, according to what was reported by the British newspaper, The Guardian.

As of Saturday, there was no indication of a cabinet reshuffle.

The resigned prime minister responded that some took advantage of false accusations of domestic violence against him in order to remove him from power.

“The complaints against me were built on lies,” he said angrily.

The story began hours after Valer was appointed, on Tuesday, after police reports appeared dating back to 2016, accusing him of his daughter and his late wife of violence against them.

The Guardian said that it had seen one of the complaints submitted by the 29-year-old daughter of the Peruvian prime minister, in which she described being slapped, punched and kicked in the face, and her hair pulled hard.

Under Peru’s constitution, the government must step down when the entire prime minister steps down, pending the appointment of a new ministerial team.

One of the most prominent opponents of Valaire’s appointment was women’s rights groups, and 3 members of the government sided with them, who demanded that their president step down.

Among them was the new Foreign Minister, Cesar Landa, who wrote in a tweet, “Public positions require one to be free from any allegations,” according to “AFP.”

He is known as an extremist in his province, opposes sex education and has a history of sexist statements.

He began his political life as a member of Parliament representing a far-right party before moving to a party that supports the leftist Castillo, and despite that he adheres to conservative views that oppose homosexuality, abortion and sex education.

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