Egypt players face their “body” and Senegal… How do they prepare?

The Egyptian team broke the record for being the most difficult African team that played the most minutes of play in one copy of the tournament, as it will reach at least 720 minutes after the Senegal match.

The Egyptian team played 3 consecutive matches, with a duration of 120 minutes for each match, which puts it in front of a real “physical” challenge before facing Senegal in the final match.

In addition to the great physical fatigue, the Senegalese team benefited from an additional day of rest, because its match was Wednesday, while Egypt played its meeting on Thursday night.

How does the “Pharaohs” prepare for two days of rest?

The Egyptian team will have two days to rest, before the Senegal match, on Friday and Saturday.

According to the head coach for fitness at the Swedish SK Orebro Club, Amir Razak, the task of the Egyptian team is not impossible, despite the physical obstacles imposed by the tournament.

Razzaq told Sky News Arabia: “Usually the day that comes after the match, it is a day for recovery. The players will receive treatment, massage, ice baths or a muscle stretching session, and some of the injured will be treated for injuries.”

He added: “As for the coaches, they will study the set pieces, how to defend the counter corners, and how to attack in the corners.”

The fitness coach stressed the importance of fixed balls in closed and sensitive matches and finals, and stressed that with his experience in European football, studying fixed balls is one of the top priorities of the technical staff before matches.

Razak told Sky News Arabia: “The focus on set-balls is very big in these two days before the final. Every player will know how to stand in the case of set-ball defense. Who will protect the first and second posts.”

Razzaq added optimistically: “In 48 hours, I expect that the athlete’s body will be perfectly prepared for the match, which is enough time to recover and regain fitness.”

light exercises only

Razak stressed that the Egyptian team will not practice any intensive fitness exercises, and the maximum that will be adopted is light exercises for jogging in order to move the muscles, then training will be done on how to defend as a group, and how to attack as a group, by walking, on the field, and without jogging, and this is all on the second day Of comfort.

The importance of penalty kicks

Razak stressed the importance of penalty kicks, especially since many matches in the tournament are heading to them, with the defensive closure.

Razak said: “Practicing penalty kicks is imperative for Egypt. After two trials, the players will have to change the kicks, because Senegal will study how they execute the penalty kicks.”

The fitness coach confirmed that he expected Abu Jabal to be provided with information on the preferred method of penalty kicks for each Senegalese player.

Mohamed Salah’s information about Sadio Mane may also be used, as he knows him well by playing with him at Liverpool, according to Razak.

Egyptian advantage

Razak stressed that the Egyptian team has an advantage in terms of mentality, which is the most important aspect in his opinion, especially in the finals.

Razak said: “Fitness is not only physical, but also mental. Senegal may have an advantage in physical readiness, but the mental aspect is in the interest of the Egyptian team, because they are incredibly motivated to achieve the championship, and for Salah, he wants to achieve the championship in any way, to bring achievement to the national team. his country, and to raise his chances of winning the Golden Ball this year.”

He added, “I imagine that the preference for Egypt will be in the final, as their mental side is stronger, and it is as strong as the physical side, and may even surpass it sometimes. The Egyptians are in full confidence, especially after they removed the top Africans from the tournament, and because their experience as champions of the continent 8 times plays a role in the finals.” “.

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