Female students in India: We will leave education if the headscarf is forbidden

Karnataka (Reuters) – 12/02/2022. 14:20

India .. Banning the wearing of the veil in a number of schools and universities

  • The court ordered not to wear the hijab until the matter is decided
  • The conflict in Karnataka has sparked protests elsewhere in India

A state of wide controversy in India, spread to Pakistan, after banning Muslim girls from wearing the hijab in schools and universities in the southern state of Karnataka. India.

The headscarf ban sparked angry protests across the state, with anti-Muslim sentiment rising.

A state court has asked the students not to wear any religious clothing, until it issues a ruling on petitions seeking to overturn the ban on Muslim headscarves permanently.

Aisha Imtiaz, an Indian student, said, “If the Supreme Court tells us we are not supposed to wear a headscarf, then we will go for something higher. We will go to the Supreme Court and even if we lose there, then we will just have to leave college.”

While the state sees the necessity of keeping religion away from education, girls cling to the veil to emphasize their religious identity

In her interview with Reuters, she added, “It really hurts to see our friends oppose us and say, ‘No, I have a problem with her wearing the hijab after five years of studying with them. It’s really painful to see it… it affects our mental health, why? To wear a headscarf, are you torturing us like this?”

Activists from the Students’ Union of India hold banners during a demonstration against the recent headscarf ban at several educational institutes in Karnataka, February 2022 (AFP)

The Indian student in the state who decided to ban Muslim girls from wearing the headscarf explained, “In my college, when I joined it, they just told me if you wear a headscarf, you can wear a headscarf, and make sure it matches your dress. We did. Why now do they have this attitude?” Why then did they let us wear it? Moreover, we don’t promote our religion, this is our way of showing our pride and humility. Showing who we are.”

Demonstrators continued their protests in the streets of New Delhi India Protest against the ban on headscarves in some schools in an Indian state.

She had requested a court in the southern state IndiaOn Thursday, students are told not to wear any religious clothing until it issues a ruling on petitions seeking to repeal a ban on the headscarf worn by Muslim women.

A court in Karnataka is considering petitions by students to challenge the headscarf ban implemented by some schools in recent weeks.

The Press Trust of India news agency quoted Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasti as saying: “We will issue an order. Until the matter is resolved, no student should insist on wearing religious dress.”

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