Finally.. the arrest of the thief who insomniac Neymar

Sao Paulo police said the suspect worked in a bank where the Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil player and his father, who runs his business, own bank accounts, without revealing the name of the bank.

The police added in a statement, that they arrested the 20-year-old on Wednesday, on charges of defrauding bank customers.

Although the police did not name the player in the statement, the officer in charge of the case said it was Neymar, and explained how the alleged theft happened on a Brazilian TV show.

Fabio Pinheiro-López said: “What did this guy do? He got his office mate’s password and stole small sums of money from high-net-worth celebrities.”

He continued, “These people did not notice. He made a transfer of 10,000 riyals ($1912.59), followed by other transfers of 10,000 riyals, 20,000 riyals and 50,000 riyals, and the total amounted to 200,000 riyals.”

Lopez said the affected account belonged to Neymar, and that his father likely controlled those accounts.

He added, “When they discovered the incident, they called the bank. The bank returned the money to the victim and opened an investigation to find out who was involved.”

Neymar’s media spokesman declined to comment on the case when contacted by Reuters.

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