For a longer life.. Experts recommend 5 nutritional steps

According to “CNN”, the diet known as the Mediterranean diet is among the best in the world, due to the useful vegetables, plants and oils it contains.

And a researcher specializing in preventive nutrition medicine, David Katz, says that plant-based diets are very beneficial to health.

Experts recommend five steps necessary to control nutrition, the first of which is to pay attention to what we eat, and here nutrition expert Kathleen Zelman says we need to take everything into account.

The expert recommends that we record what we eat on paper so that we are aware of what we have consumed, but it is desirable not to bet on idealism in the first stage, because controlling things are done gradually and do not happen at once.

The second required step is to stay away from unhealthy food, and here the expert Tom Revay says, that a person eats what surrounds him, whether at home, at work or in restaurants, and therefore, it is better, to prepare our meals in advance and avoid the stores that we may enter Then we get out of it and we are loaded with harmful things.

And the third step, according to experts, is to stay away from sugar in breakfast, because it leads to a rise in the hormone insulin, and it also makes us eat more food during the day.

The fourth step is to make one meal a day without meat or chicken, that is, to eat a plate of vegetables and plants, such as eating a salad of lentils or whole grains, and this makes us more energetic during the day and less appetite for eating at night.

The fifth tip is to improve our relationship with healthy food that we usually do not like, and this is possible through the help of experts, or by adding some of our favorite ingredients, if you love barbecue sauce, you can add it to broccoli, and then, you will get the benefit and the taste, at the same time .

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