Global Health: Half a million deaths from corona since the discovery of Omicron

today’s news 02/09/2022 15:49

In a new edition, Ayman al-Zawahiri ignores the reality of his organization and talks about atheism

As-Sahab Foundation, the media arm of Al-Qaeda, has broadcast a new video version of the organization’s leader Ayman Al-Zawahirientitled: “Together to God – Episode Three”.

Ayman al-Zawahiri devoted his 32-minute speech to a discussion of atheism, saying that the battle al-Qaeda is waging is an advocacy, military and political battle at the same time.

show Ayman Al-Zawahiri A number of writings and testimonies presented by writers and authors on atheism, such as the book of the Egyptian Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud “My Journey from Doubt to Faith” and others.

To try to reach an agreement, the Iranian nuclear negotiations resume in Vienna

Talks on the Iranian nuclear file resumed Tuesday in Vienna, with the stated goal of all parties to reach an agreement as soon as possible.
AFP correspondents reported that Iranian negotiator Ali Bagheri had arrived in Vienna, where the talks are taking place.
There, he will meet the European Union diplomat, Enrique Mora, who oversees the process and briefs the Americans who are in Vienna but not directly involved in the negotiations.
On the day the negotiations resume, no statements are expected to allow Mora to review the situation with each of the delegations that returned from their capitals with instructions from the leaders.
Washington, which is not directly involved in the negotiations, did not hide its enthusiasm on Monday.

Half a million deaths from corona in the world since the discovery of the mutant Omicron

The World Health Organization announced the registration of half a million deaths in Corona since the discovery of the mutant Omicron from the Corona virus, and described this outcome as “more than tragic.”
The director of accident management at the organization, Abdi Mahmoud, said that 130 million injuries and 500 thousand deaths have been recorded in the world since the announcement of the worrisome mutant Omicron in late November.
Since then, the mutated Omicron has quickly overtaken Delta to become the world’s fastest-growing tyrant, although its symptoms appear to be less severe.

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