Glory and tears.. Morocco brings the “world’s child” to his final resting place

The child’s body was buried in the “Al-Zawiya” cemetery in the community of Tamrout (northern Morocco) near his hometown, in the presence of his family members and thousands of citizens, along with local officials, in an atmosphere of reverence, dread and compassion for the soul of the deceased.

Mourners lined the mountain paths overlooking the cemetery, to look at the child and attend the funeral prayer for his soul.

Over the past few days, thousands of people in solidarity and sympathy with the child participated in the funeral of his body to his final resting place, despite the security reinforcements that accompanied the event to prevent the arrival of large crowds to the burial place.

Tents were erected in front of the house of the grandfather of the child Rayan, not far from the cemetery of “Al-Zawiya”, to offer condolences and receive mourners.

Avoid jealous gatherings

The body of the child Rayan was transferred to the military hospital in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, immediately after he was taken out of the well. However, it was not officially announced if he had been subjected to a medical autopsy to determine the cause and timing of death.

The body of the deceased arrived, in the middle of the day, to his hometown in the village of “Igran”, on the outskirts of Chefchaouen. This was preceded by making all the necessary arrangements and creating the appropriate conditions for the funeral and burial.

According to local sources, the security authorities have reinforced their procedures at the entrances to the village of the deceased Rayan and in the vicinity of the cemetery, to prevent hundreds of thousands of people coming from different parts of the Kingdom from arriving to participate in the funeral ceremonies.

The village of “Igran”, which was the scene of the tragic accident, has gradually begun to restore a normal way of life. On Sunday, work began to fill the well in which the child was stuck, as well as the tunnel constructed by the rescue teams in order to reach him.

The ordeal of a child occupied the world

Millions followed efforts to save 5-year-old Ryan, who accidentally fell into a deep and narrow well (32 meters) for 5 days.

Users of social networking sites in Morocco and abroad mourned, with great sadness, expressions of sorrow and sympathy and in multiple languages, the child Rayan, and they shared photos and videos documenting the moment he was pulled out of a lifeless body from the well.

A statement by the Royal Court announced on Saturday evening, the news of the death of the child Rayan, and that the Moroccan King Mohammed VI made a phone call to the parents of the deceased, where he expressed his deepest condolences to all family members, and also expressed his appreciation for the tireless efforts of the authorities during the process of removing Rayan from the well.

Since last Wednesday, vigorous efforts have been launched to save the child in the face of obstacles that slowed the pace of work.

After 5 days of continuous and painstaking work, the rescue teams managed, on Saturday, to retrieve the child Rayan, who passed away inside the well, after which a state of shock and sadness prevailed among millions of people who remained clinging to the hopes of bringing him out safe and sound, and writing a happy ending to his story that occupied people inside and outside the Kingdom. .

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