“He insulted Al-Ahly” .. controversy in Egypt because of an announcer on state TV

The Egyptian Al-Ahly club will meet at 8:30 in Abu Dhabi time with the Brazilian club Palmeiras in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup.

Al-Ahly had defeated the Mexican club Monterrey, by a score of 0, in the absence of the main international players from the Al-Ahly list.

The journalist Hossam Al-Haddad said in a television program on the Egyptian state channel 1, “Today the Al-Ahly club is playing. Does the Al-Ahly club represent Egypt? It does not represent Egypt, it is a club from Egypt bearing the name of Egypt.”

He continued: “Al-Ahly Club represents itself in the first place, and then is attributed to the State of Egypt,” continuing: “Are Zamalek’s demands to encourage Al-Ahly?”

The statements of the Egyptian media sparked widespread controversy among the Egyptian sports community, after the Egyptian fans (Al-Ahly and Zamalek) witnessed a national epic that revived the spirit of encouragement for the Egyptian team in the African Nations Championship, which it lost on penalties to Senegal in the final of the tournament.

Today, Tuesday, the National Media Authority decided to refer broadcaster Hossam Haddad to investigation and suspend him from work, due to his statements.

And Al-Watania Media confirmed that it stands at the same distance between all Egyptian clubs and deals with complete impartiality, and that all Egyptian sports clubs have all the appreciation and respect, “and we wish them success and success in achieving the achievements that are added to the balance of Egyptian sports.”

And the Egyptian media, Buthaina Kamel, denounced her on her official Twitter account, saying: “Is this true on Channel One of the Egyptian TV? Who is this?”

While the Egyptian journalist, Amir Hisham, commented on Al-Haddad’s statements, saying: “At a time when all African countries and the Arab world wish to have a club like Al-Ahly to represent them, you meet someone who says that Al-Ahly does not represent Egypt and that Zamalek is not required to encourage Al-Ahly.”

And another account bearing the name Mahmoud Hashem, via Twitter, said: “Al-Ahly is a club of state and nationalism, and every need when the players want it for the team, but the team is salvation, so Al-Ahly remains a club that represents itself, not representing Egypt.”

On the other side; An account bearing the name Adel Heba commented on Twitter: “On the day when Al-Ahly is looking for a historic achievement in the Club World Cup and raising Egypt’s name high by reaching the final, we will see that it is empty and searched for the snapshot and the trend from an announcer on the official state TV, saying Al-Ahly does not represent Egypt and represents only himself. “.

While another account named Muhammad Al-Jazzar said: “You, Dob, the African Championship is closed, and we say, praise be to God, there is a beautiful situation in it, and people are back, standing behind the team again, away from the colors and club struggles. Hossam Al-Haddad, the announcer of the Egyptian Channel One, informs us that Al-Ahly does not represent Egypt. He represents only himself.

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