He poisoned her with the incitement of the closest people to her.. an “unbelievable” crime in Syria

In the details revealed by the Syrian Ministry of Interior, that: “Through efforts and information gathering by the Criminal Security Branch in Aleppo, he was able to uncover all those involved in the crime and arrested them, and by interrogating the killer named (Ahmed. K), who was working as a driver for The victim confessed that he had poisoned her in the juice, then strangled her with a pillow and a sheet and stole her gold jewelry weighing (86) grams, at the instigation of the daughter of the victim called (Iman) due to differences between her and her mother.

The killer had the help of his girlfriend, Heba, who secured the toxic substance and hid the stolen gold jewelry in her home.

The Syrian Ministry of Interior concluded: “The stolen jewelry has been fully recovered, and the arrested will be brought to justice to receive their just punishment.”

Commenting on the spread of crimes that take place within the framework of the same family and by the people closest to each other, the Syrian psychological consultant, Husam Al-Dhurair, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “It is expected and even necessary that the phenomena of societal and family violence will worsen after all these years of crises and war in Syria. And the accompanying psychological effects, the absence and violation of the law, the general societal deterioration, the economic collapse and the deterioration of living standards.

He adds: “What we should be surprised at is that these abhorrent phenomena do not develop, and it is very logical that the rates of their spread are much higher than what is happening now.”

Thus, the complex psychological, social and economic problems that interact with each other are exacerbated, spawning violence that afflicts the Syrian individual and society, according to the Syrian psychological expert, who continued: “With the severity of the catastrophic cases we are witnessing as doctors and psychiatrists, we expect everything, there are no deterrents and everything that comes to mind Unfortunately, misfortunes and crimes are happening in our country.”

For more than a decade, Syria has been witnessing a severe crisis, which has resulted in about half a million deaths, as well as hundreds of thousands of injuries, with a widespread economic collapse amid the deterioration of infrastructure and various vital productive sectors, which has negatively affected society, which is facing value collapses, which are embodied In the spread of crime in all its forms, especially those included in the category of domestic violence.

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