He returned to normal .. Why did the authorities in China delete scenes from "fight club"

China (cn) – 02/08/2022. 11:54

The famous Chinese platform brought back the natural end of “fight club” After the cries of censorship

  • Chinese social media users complained about the radical change of the end “fight club”
  • Chinese companies that own international film rights often practice censorship to please regulators

fight club or Fight Club“Returns to its original ending in China The ending of the movie has been largely restored on the popular Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video

Fans complained in late January about the complete removal of the famous final scene The finale shocked audiences when it debuted in theaters in 1999.

In the final moments of the movie Fight Club, the narrator stands with his girlfriend, played by Helena Bonham Carter, as they watch explosives detonate a group of skyscrapers in China.

It’s all part of what was originally presented to the public as Durden’s plan to destroy consumerism by erasing banks and debt.

But a drastically modified version was posted on Tencent Video, which was seen by CNN Business in January

  fight club
Cries of censorship brought the film’s natural ending against the will of the Chinese government

It altered the entire scene showing the explosions and was replaced with a caption explaining to the audience that the authorities had come in time to save the situation.

The caption read: “Through the evidence provided by Tyler, the police quickly discovered the entire plan and arrested all the criminals.

She succeeded in preventing the bomb from exploding”, “After the trial, Tyler was sent to [أ] Crazy asylum for psychiatric treatment. He was discharged from hospital in 2012.”

Chinese social media users have complained about the drastic change, saying it has spoiled part of the classic movie’s history.

While it is unclear how or when the modifications were made to either version of the Fight Club movie

It is not uncommon for foreign films to be subject to heavy censorship before legitimate broadcasts are found in China.

And Chinese companies that own international film rights in the country often practice self-censorship to appease regulators ahead of public releases.

Tencent (TCEHY) declined to comment but a person familiar with the matter told CNN Business that the latest version of the fight club movie was provided by the distributor to the company. Then the Chinese tech giant broadcast it

On the other hand, an employee at the distributor told CNN Business that he has no “control” on movie content.

He was unaware of the recent change, and the Guangzhou-based company called Pacific Audio & Video is affiliated with the state-owned Guangdong Radio and Television.

Neither the Chinese Film Administration nor the China Cyberspace Administration has responded.

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