He was swept away by torrents two months ago..a dramatic and sad story for an Iraqi child

After nearly two months of searching carried out by rescue teams and volunteers in Erbil, the local authorities announced the finding of the child who had been swept away by torrential rain in front of his house in a suburb of the city.

The baby Daner Nebz had barely reached his tenth month last December, when he disappeared due to the devastating wave of rain and floods that swept the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan and its suburbs.

The “Sky News Arabia” correspondent reported that residents found a scattered skeleton of a child in a cane field, which was flooded after the floods, in Shammuk district of Erbil.

They informed the security authorities, who in turn contacted the baby’s father to identify him, and indeed confirmed that the clothes on the skeleton were the same ones Danner was wearing before the torrents pulled him from his father’s hands.

After conducting medical examinations to ascertain the identity of the remains, the victim’s father received them, in the presence of the Governor of Erbil, Omid Khoshnaw.

The baby Daner had become a symbol of the suffering of thousands of people affected by this flood disaster, who lost their loved ones or were injured and lost their homes and properties.

The story of the infant’s disappearance over many weeks sparked a state of sadness and sorrow, not only in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, but also in the Arab world, which interacted with his story on social media platforms.

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