His financial balance is still abundant.. The United Nations warns of the return of ISIS

Voronkov said that the extremist organizations ISIS and al-Qaeda still pose a threat to international security, noting that “fighting these extremists militarily is not enough, but rather it is necessary to take preventive measures to reduce their danger.”

The Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Counter-Terrorism warned against ISIS continuing campaigns to recruit new terrorist elements.

The international official added that the terrorist organization “poses a real danger in several African countries,” noting that the recruitment of terrorists via the Internet is “our biggest concern.”

“ISIS has lost its strength in the North African region thanks to the efforts of the authorities in this region,” Voronkov added.

These warnings come as the report of the United Nations Secretary-General on ISIS revealed that the current reserves of ISIS range between $25 million and $50 million, most of which are in Iraq.

In the same vein, Acting Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Wuxing Chen said that drying up the financial resources of ISIS remains a priority for the international community.

International reports warn of the remnants of the “ISIS” organization in both Iraq and Syria, amid fears that it could gather itself again and launch attacks similar to what happened in Ghweran prison in al-Hasakah.

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