How do you keep your child safe in metaverse?

Dubai (news now) 02/09/2022 00:36

How do we make the Internet a safe place for our children?

A recent incident highlighted the need for more digital security measures in protecting children in virtual reality or metavirsOn November 26, a Meta user, formerly known as Facebook, complained about being harassed on Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality social media platform.

Experts say that safe Internet use for children is first when parents are aware of their children’s online activities and non-judgmental communication with the individual child or teen.

Experts suggest the following tips to help parents support their children in the online world:

  • Watch, play and browse together

Co-discovery from an early age helps raise parents’ awareness of the type of content their children are accessing. It also helps the child not to consider the parent an ignorant stranger in his or her online world. This is also very useful in the future as children get older, allowing conversations in a collaborative way rather than adversarial.

  • Engage and communicate without judging the child

Talk to your children about their internet use. Help them understand that you are not against online activities, but that you want to be involved and supportive as they navigate this vast and ever-changing virtual world. Educate them about the dangers of sharing photos, sending intimate messages, and interacting with strangers.

  • Agree on family rules

Families must explain and agree on the rules regarding Internet use with their children. These rules can include which sites or applications may be used; Duration and timing of sharing of personal information and content; if and how you interact with strangers; As well as how to deal with others. This will help keep children safe as well as encourage them to be good online citizens.

  • Adhere to age classifications

Age ratings are there for a reason – to protect your children and allow them to thrive. Explain the rationale in a manner appropriate to your child’s level of understanding.

  • Monitor activities and usage

It is important to do this in an age-appropriate manner and to respect the child’s privacy. This should not be a license to intrude on your children, but the minimum necessary to ensure safety should be done.

  • Educate yourself and keep up with the ever-changing online world

Parents can only help their children be safe if they know what the risks are and what actions to take to help mitigate the risks. This requires an attitude of curiosity and effort to learn about new apps, in-app features, and online trends.

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