How to get a family loan from the Social Development Bank

The Social Development Bank provides many services to citizens within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as targeting the poor groups to improve the material level of the family, and the advancement of citizens to obtain a decent life through the new economic developments that the Kingdom has known, and in this article we review the conditions and steps for obtaining a family loan.

Conditions for applying for a family loan

How to get a family loanConditions for applying for a family loan

  • Visit the Social Development Bank website.
  • Then log in through the existing national access.
  • Therefore, you choose “individual products” and then “social finance”.
  • After that, the applicant chooses “Family Finance”.
  • Then complete the registration steps on the site.
  • Then a new page opens for the applicant, and the required personal data must be entered.
  • You must make sure that the data is correct.
  • The applicant must read and agree to all the conditions to obtain a family loan from the Social Development Bank.
  • Then you should click on Save data.
  • Upload the documents required to obtain the loan when applying for the application so that the process can be completed successfully.

Conditions for obtaining a family loan

  • Public sector employees are required to obtain a permit to add the children of workers, as well as a data permit from the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The applicant for the loan from the government sector is required to bring an ABian account document, stamped and original to the Development Bank, in order to be approved for obtaining the financial financing.
  • A final 3-month account statement is also required.
  • Finally, one hundred and four forms must be obtained stamped with all the required seals.

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