“I am a free Algerian” .. Abu Jabal’s wife breaks her silence with a fiery statement

The social status of the guard of the pharaohs, Muhammad Abu Jabal, had raised speculation and a lot of question marks, as he and his wife, Princess Samara Yahya, canceled their follow-up to each other on social media, and deleted all the photos they collected, after a marriage that lasted less than a year.

These questions exploded on social media, after the overwhelming success and brilliance enjoyed by the player, after he led his country to the final of the African Nations Championship, becoming the talk of the hour in Egypt and the Arab world.

Abu Jabal was a guest on an Egyptian television program, Thursday evening, and when asked about his marital status, he refused to clarify whether he was married or whether he divorced his wife, only saying, laughing, that there were “problems.”

It seems that Abu Jabal’s comment angered Yahya, to respond through the “Al-Asturi” feature to her account with the Instagram application, saying: “A while ago I closed the topic and suppressed my anger in my heart, because it is first a personal issue, and secondly because I am not the type who takes advantage of problems to become (Trend). And third, out of respect for both families.

And she continued, “But unfortunately, the second party’s thinking was not mine. I expected from him an answer much smarter than that answer, and a way better than that method.”

Yahya indicated that “there is no longer a channel or newspaper that did not communicate with her” to obtain a comment, stressing that she “chose silence because homes are secrets.”

And she added: “Praise be to God, I have sufficient awareness and sufficient responsibility so that I do not talk about the topic, until it ends in the way that God sees that it is good for us, but since the topic took greater than its size and hurt me and those who love me, I would like to ask you something, please and not an order and I Your sister, to close the issue today and to leave the creation to the Creator.”

And she continued, “There is a lot of talk in my mind in response to the false statements and rumors, and the people who took advantage of the situation and harmed me, but the time will come to speak.”

And Yahya continued her words defiantly: “Keep in mind that I am a free Algerian, and the Algerian woman has never been toppled (fall) thank God.”

Yahya concluded her statement by emphasizing that many people abandoned her in her ordeal, saying: “There is no lasting joy or lasting sadness…and those days we exchange them among the people.”

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