Ignoring the killing of its leader, ISIS attacks coverage of an incident "baby ryan"

Cairo (news now) – 11/02/2022. 05:31

Al-Nabaa newspaper ignores the killing of the organization’s leader, Abdullah Qardash

Al-Naba newspaper ignored ISISfor the second week in a row, the recognition of the killing of the organization’s leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, also known as Hajji Abdullah Qardash. The newspaper also criticized the global interest in the incident of the child Rayan al-Maghribi, considering that this interest came to cover up the Gwiran prison attack in al-Hasakah and based on American directives, as it described it.

The newspaper indicated that the media attention coincided with the fall of civilians (including children, as described by the newspaper) in an American attack (in an implicit reference to the attack that targeted the residence of Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi in Atma, in the Syrian countryside of Idlib), but it did not explicitly acknowledge or deny the results of the attack. .

Al-Nabaa weekly contented itself with publishing news of the routine operations launched by ISIS fighters around the world, saying that its fighters carried out 35 attacks in 6 regions, most notably West Africa and Iraq (an average of 8 attacks each), Syria and Afghanistan (an average of 7 attacks each) and Central Africa (an average of 7 attacks each). 4 attacks), in addition to Sinai (one attack targeted a civilian in Bir al-Abed).

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