In a bikini, Jessica Athayde shows “how easy it is to deceive”

Jessica Athayde is one of the Portuguese women with the most followers in the Instagram and has always demystified the illusions of social networks, particularly in relation to beauty and the pressure to look for the perfect body.

The actress, who even recently was not shy about talking and showing cellulite on social networks, showed that not everything in the Instagram it is just as you see it.

How easy it is to deceive, have you seen?”, he says in the video that you can watch below. In a bikini, Athayde poses in a bikini, raising her bottom, accentuating her curves. And, five seconds later, it shows itself in motion, demonstrating some imperfections.

The ‘departure’ of Diogo Amaral to Jessica Athayde that is leaving the networks laughing

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