In Mosul, ISIS’ past clouds social cohesion

Mosul (Reuters) – 02/08/2022. 13:22

Iraq.. Families of returned ISIS members.. How do they live

ISIS families returning to their homes from detention camps have to turn to local parties for help in the absence of a government vision to rehabilitate and integrate them into society, but the past of ISIS clouds social cohesion, many stories of families ISIS Which the organization left hanging between the fires of anger of the people of the regions.

Amal Muhammad is one of the stories that suffered greatly after her husband was sentenced to death while in prison because he was accused of having joined ISIS when the extremist organization invaded the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014, and the husband was arrested and put in prison in 2017, leaving his wife and their four children in a camp for the displaced in northern Iraq, A few months after the liberation of Mosul, the 35-year-old wife returned to their old neighbourhood, and she has struggled to get back on her feet ever since.

Amal suffers from a lack of financial income. What she earns now is a meager salary from her work as a cleaning lady in a nearby school. On the other hand, Wadah Hassan, the mother of one of the members of the organization, said that she tried in vain to prevent her two sons from joining the organization, but she was unable, and she clearly stated that the family lives in misery. Although they go to school, her grandchildren sell bags in the streets and markets to help the family earn a living.

Several Mosul residents who spoke to Reuters said their city was safer today than it was before 2014, making it more difficult for militant groups to influence local communities.

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