In the discussion..a Syrian family whose five sons were taken from them in Sweden..what fate awaits them?

The family fled from the Syrian war to the pain of extracting its children from it in Sweden

Like other millions of Syrian refugees, Diab Al-Talal and his family, consisting of his wife and four children, fled the Syrian war to Lebanon, before the United Nations offered to transfer them to Lebanon. SwedenThe head of the family agreed, wishing for a better life for his family in one of the richest and most liberal countries in the world and respectful of human rights.

The Swedish dream turned into a terrifying nightmare after the authorities there wrested his four children from him, in addition to his newly born fifth child, on the pretext that they were not qualified to raise them, which Diab denied altogether and in detail, before the same authorities placed them under the care of Swedish families.

Sweden snatches the children of a Syrian family

Diab Al-Talal was a guest in the discussion with Jinan Musa To talk about the details of what happened and the story of the family’s suffering in Sweden:

  • When was the last time he saw his children?
  • Do they live close to where he lives? Is he allowed to communicate with his children by phone or even by e-mail?
  • What does the Swedish authorities accuse? What is the real reason for the action taken in his opinion?
  • Did he explore some legal opinions in Sweden to find out the legality of the measures taken by the authorities against him?
  • Does he think that he still has a chance to get his children back while he is stuck in the middle of a legal battle in which his opponents are the state, the judiciary, social institutions and others?

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