Iranian attempts to"buy silence" Families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane

Iran Iran International – 02/08/2022. 09:47

The Ukrainian plane was shot down by an Iranian missile in January 2020

  • A Canadian court ruled that Iran was responsible for the accident
  • The court considered the downing of the plane an act of terrorism
  • Iran does not want a real trial

More than two years after the downing of Iranian missiles of the Ukrainian plane– The Revolutionary Guards shot it down near Tehran – Reactions are still coming, the latest of which is the attempt of the authorities in Iran “buy silence” The families of the victims, by paying compensation to some families, according to the Iranian Minister of Transportation, Rostam Qasemi.

The response came quickly from families Victimsrejecting the ministry’s offer, stressing the need to hold Iranian officials accountable, and they also demanded access to the content of Tehran airport cameras on the night of the accident.

In the message, which was published on the newspaper’s website, “east” Iranian parts of it, Monday: “Ask the Civil Aviation Authority to provide families and lawyers with the content of the cameras at Tehran International Airport on the night of the disaster”.

The signatories to the letter, whose names have not been released, wrote: “Mr. Engineer Rostam Qasemi! You, the former minister and other concerned officials are in the position of accountability and you have to respond to the afflicted families, we want you to stop this unjust and harmful behavior”.

newspaper reported “east” The letter came in response to the letter of the Iranian Ministry of Roads and Cities Building to some families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane, during which it asked the families of the victims “Complete the information to pay compensation”.

The aforementioned letter was signed by Mehri Safri, the Special Representative of the Minister of Roads and responsible for the Committee for the Payment of Compensation to the Families of the Victims

Relatives of the victims protested against the trial process recently established by the Iranian regime, calling for”do justice” as their main demand.

Relatives of the victims of the Ukrainian plane also denounced in the letter:”Pay compensation before the facts are clarified, conduct a fair trial, and punish the perpetrators of this crime”And they wrote: “On what basis did your organization conclude that the blood of these educated innocents can be exchanged for worldly possessions? Finally, some people want to pay families a ransom with a flower branch”.

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