Iraq.. 4 terrorists arrested in Rabia, west of Nineveh

Baghdad (news now) – 06/02/2022. 13:22

Nineveh… 4 terrorists arrested

  • A qualitative process, continuous follow-up, and highly accurate information for an intelligence division
  • Raiding the whereabouts of the four terrorists and arresting them

announced Security Media Cell About the arrest of four terrorists in Rabia Gharbi Nineveh

The cell stated, “With a qualitative operation, continuous follow-up and very accurate information for the Intelligence Division of the 15th Division, one of the joints of the Military Intelligence Directorate, which confirmed the presence of four terrorists in several

Areas belonging to Rabia district, west of Nineveh, and in light of this, and in coordination with the intelligence of the 1st Regiment, the 71st Infantry Brigade in the Land Forces Command, and in cooperation with a force from the same regiment, the locations of

The four terrorists were arrested and arrested.

The statement added that “terrorists are wanted by the judiciary in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of terrorism.”

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