Iraq .. “A law is required” to protect women and children

revealed Director general the police societal Iraqi, brigadier dominant the gift, in a a permit for newspaperthe morning” official, that “Directorate registered during year the past 873 condition violent, distributed by 786 condition against woman And87 condition against children”.

and between that “Height pace That cases, boost the need in the form of salt to me Development laws legislator or legislation laws New No Sima that over there crimes No There is about it text legal, Of which a crime rebuke Child or a crime blackmail email, and upon it It was completed Issuance That the draft Which Done read it From Before board Representatives Previous two readings, and waiting reading the third to vote on her From Before board Representatives Present” .

and see watchers and activists civilians that this is Numbers announced Although It not few, But Indeed On the earth Indicates to me double double From this is cases, which in a most of it Stay fold concealment no Complete areport parties the wish and healthy responsible by its occurrence.

and commenting On Attitude the interior Iraqi the promoter to acknowledge laws fair for women and the child Iraqis, Says Light useful, activist civil And the legal Iraqi, in a dialogue withSky News Arabic”: ‘I’m going’ this is statistics growing and scary about increase cases violence captive gesticulate exposed for him Women and children specifically, No doubt that There is cases Other a lot Non registered in a centers the police, and this is Height atheism Even according to this is statistic official pushes us towards Claim by legislation laws Treating So cases, And from most important this is laws, Law anti violence captive, as well Law crimes the information, Which Treat Problem blackmail e-mail”.

And she adds Light: “But Which happened with sorry during session Parliamentary Previous board deputies, and when initiate Number From members Parliament by request legislation Law violence captive and accreditation, we found how that sounds hardcore I stood against pass this the law under dome Parliament, some of them under the pretext Debt and some of them the other under the pretext traditions the society and customs, As for Law crimes the information he is the other frozen On shelves board Representatives Iraqi, for being inset within Law else binds liberties Personal” .

As for right Now it is done with it he conditioning Material Law Penalties Iraqi the old Which set out general 1969, as explain activist human rights Iraqi and the candidate Previous for Parliament, Air hostess: “Judgment Works On a base Adaptation with this is Materials And this cases, So The solution is to stop this going too far in a targeting children and women Iraqis and violation their rights, is being From during legislation these two the two laws, As well as Of course on arumor culture anti this is practices disgraceful and violated rights The human General and not Just my slice Women and children inside the society Iraqi”.

Although that Networks and platforms Social Iraqi witnessed welcome years by this orientation government the promoter to adopt Parliament laws incriminate and deprive violence captive and societal General against Women and children, But some its pioneers they see in a that Just shoot for the ball in a Stadium Parliament busy issues and problems political, Without that reflected necessarily aanswer On Processing this file prickly.

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