Iraq faces a constitutional vacuum after parliament failed to name the president of the republic

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Iraq .. Parliament fails to name the President of the Republic

he decided Iraqi parliament Converting its session held on Monday to a deliberative session due to the lack of a quorum. The session was scheduled to witness the election of a president of the country, which was not possible after major blocs announced their boycott, and after the Supreme Court suspended the procedures for the nomination of Hoshyar Zebari from the Kurdistan Democratic Party for the presidency.

The election of a new president, a largely ceremonial position, requires a quorum in session Parliament Allocated for this in the presence of two-thirds of the 329 members, and these developments may hamper the constitutional entitlements that usually culminate in the formation of a new government for the country.

There are fears of entering the country into a constitutional vacuum, as Iraq’s constitution stipulates the need to elect the country’s president within 30 days of the vote on the speaker of parliament, which took place on January 9.

The presidency of the Iraqi parliament had set February 7 as the date for the session to elect the president of the country, but the head of the Sadrist bloc in the parliament, Representative Hassan al-Adhari, said, during a press conference, that by order of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, it was decided to boycott the session to elect the president of the republic and freeze negotiations. with the political blocs regarding the formation of the government.

Al-Sadr has 163 deputies after his alliance with the “Progress”, “Azm” and the “Kurdistan Democratic Alliance” blocs, which means the inability to elect the country’s president after they decided to collectively boycott the presidential selection session. These three blocs constitute a kind of alliance that was able to pass the presidency Parliament composed of a president and two deputies easily.

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