Is music a cure?

Dubai (newsroom) 02/10/2022 23:41

Music improves memory and aids recovery

  • Music was used as medicine in ancient Greece
  • All aspects of music are processed by different areas of the brain

Music Part of human life for thousands of years, musical instruments have been found dating back more than 40,000 years, indicating that humans desire to express themselves or communicate through Musicdeeply rooted.

The American Music Therapy Association confirms that music was used as a treatment in ancient Greece, and was adopted as a therapeutic alternative in the modern era, after the publication of a scientific article in the Columbian Journal in 1789 entitled “Music Physically”, which was a precursor to the growth of medical research in the therapeutic nature of music.

The way music affects the brain is very complex, as all aspects of music are processed by different regions in the the brainThe cerebellum processes rhythm, the frontal lobe decodes emotional signals from music, and a small portion of the right temporal lobe helps understand pitch.

Just as the brain’s reward center can produce powerful physical signs of pleasure; That’s why therapists use the powerful abilities of music, and a person’s responses and relationships to music, to encourage positive changes in mood and overall mental state.

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