Israel evacuates the families of its diplomats and embassy staff from Ukraine

In a statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said it was also recommending Israelis “to refrain from traveling to Ukraine at the present time” and urges those residing in that country to avoid “hot spots” due to the “deteriorating situation.”

The Israeli decision came the day after US President Joe Biden called on his citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, before several countries, including Britain, followed suit.

The level of tension between Washington and Moscow has reached its peak since the Cold War, and some US estimates say that about 130,000 Russian soldiers are massing in dozens of combat units near the border with Ukraine.

Biden and other senior US officials have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately, at a time when Moscow is conducting live-fire exercises and massing forces near the former Soviet republic, raising fears of a Russian invasion despite diplomatic efforts in recent weeks.

On Friday, the White House said there is a “very real possibility” of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but that does not mean that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his final decision in this regard.

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