Iwan for"Sua Mengni"I am afraid of love and attachment

Beirut (Programs) – 06/02/2022. 23:44

Ewan reveals that he has prepared a large number of songs in Egyptian and Lebanese dialects

The Lebanese artist drew iwan To that art is a passion for him, even if he has been absent for a long time from issuing new works, he will not resort to meaningless songs that do not include respectful and purposeful words, although he was offered many songs that carry “Ife” In an attempt by its makers to convince him that it will bring him back strongly to the art scene.

Ewan who released a song “p cold” With the beginning of the new year, he revealed during his meeting on the program “Sua Mengni” With Muhammad Hanbali, about his preparation of a large number of songs in the Egyptian and Lebanese dialects and the dialect “white”Pointing out that he decided to release the songs individually and not within “mini album”In his opinion, his last album did not take its rightful place as it should.


In response to a question about composers and poets whose works he loves, he said: “From the generation of the nineties, I loved Salah Al-Sharnoubi, for he loved me with composition, and before him from Lebanon I loved Zaki Nassif, and of course, Al-Rahbanah, as well as Baligh Hamdi, and as for the new generation, I love Ziyad Bourji, Salim Assaf, and of course Marwan Khoury Speech and melody and I hope to deal with him”.


And about love in his life, Ewan said that he is afraid of love and association, as he gives everything he has in any relationship he enters, but today he thinks with his mind, so he hesitates a lot before he relates to anyone.

In the program challenges, Ewan lost in the first challenge, and tied with Hanbali in the second challenge, while in the last challenge, Muhammad won.

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