Junta do Bonfim reinforces support for the homeless with delivery of 50 sleeping bags

The Parish Council of Bonfim, in Porto, will distribute 50 sleeping bags to homeless people, after the contingency plan has been activated. This action will take place between Sunday and Wednesday, at 9 pm, at Campo 24 de Agosto metro station.

This Sunday, the Cold Wave Contingency Plan for Homeless People 2023 was activated, which includes the opening of spaces such as metro stations and the provision of beds in shelter centres.

In addition to providing beds at the Joaquim Urbano Temporary Reception Centre, the Campo 24 de Agosto metro station will act as a delivery point.

According to the president of the Board of Bonfim, João Ricardo Aguiar, the reinforcement of support is done in line with teams from various associations and entities recognized by the Homeless Planning and Intervention Center (NPISA).

Saber Compreender, Porto Solidário 20 , Colégio do Rosário and Coração na Rua are some of the entities that joined the Bonfim Board for this initiative.

On Saturday, Porto City Council delivered 160 blankets to the Homeless Support Center (CASA) to distribute to those who sleep on the street. This number was a reinforcement of the 60 blankets that had already been delivered to the institution last Thursday.

Several multidisciplinary teams maintain daily monitoring to help provide more comfort to homeless people.

Temperatures are expected to be below three degrees centigrade for three days in a row, starting this Sunday.

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