Kais Saied dissolves the Supreme Judicial Council in order to purge the judicial system in Tunisia

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Qais Saeed issues a decree dissolving the Supreme Judicial Council

Tunisian President issued Kais Saied Yesterday, Thursday, a decree was issued to dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council, in preparation for replacing it with another council, despite the criticism and domestic and external pressures he was subjected to to reverse this step. Saeed explained, during his supervision of a cabinet, that the current council has ended and it will be replaced by another.

The President of Tunisia stressed that “purifying the country can only be done by purifying the judiciary,” noting that it is a “vital issue in this period,” noting that he will not interfere in the judiciary.

Saeed accused the judiciary of corruption, and said that he had many files on money beyond imagination that some judges received. He also accused the council of complicity in order not to open files or resolve issues that have been going on for years, stressing that “the judiciary is a function, not an authority,” and will not accept that the judiciary in Tunisia is a state within the state.

Tunisian Justice Minister Leila Jaffal revealed on Wednesday that Tunisian President Kais Saied will not dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council as a constitutional institution, but will change the law regulating it and will at the same time set up a “temporary body” in a move aimed at allaying fears.

and the Supreme Judicial Council constitutional institution It enjoys independence and its powers include the proper functioning of the judiciary and ensuring its independence, in addition to disciplining judges and granting them professional promotions.

Judges continue in Tunisia Thursday, their strike for the second day in protest against President Kais Saied’s announcement of the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council. The Association of Tunisian Judges had called for this strike, which affected a number of courts in Tunisia.

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