Klopp reveals the details of his first meeting with Salah .. and the position of the Leicester match

Klopp confirmed in statements to the official website of Liverpool that Salah had already returned to Liverpool and spoke with him, noting that the Egyptian star seemed “very disappointed.”

Klopp said: “The first thing Salah said to me when I saw him was ‘I’m ready’. He’s a very experienced player and a ‘monster’ physically so we have to wait and see, obviously he will have a little recovery session, Tuesday, and we’ll see how he feels tomorrow.” And we decide.”

He added, “We don’t have a proper plan now, the goal is to play as long as possible but we won’t rush into that. If he’s OK we won’t let him play for the wrong reasons so let’s wait.”

And about Mane, he said: “Sadio (Mane) flies if possible on Wednesday night, so he will arrive here on Thursday, but of course he will not participate in the Leicester match.”

Liverpool will face Leicester City in the English Premier League on Thursday evening.

African final impressions

Klopp praised Mane’s African achievement: “Winning the tournament means the world to him and his people as well, and we respect that a lot and we will never think of calling him from there or anything else. Let them do what they do at the moment because they deserve it.”

Regarding the final confrontation between Salah and Mane, Klopp said: “It was a strange match from an emotional point of view. I wished them the best. Of course, it is clear that I wish them the best in everything, but that was not possible in this match.”

And he added, “I think they both played a great tournament. The responsibility on their shoulders is absolutely huge and the pressure on them is crazy. I have no idea how they feel in these moments, they are carrying almost an entire country.”

He continued, “Mo (Salah) could not win the title, but he played a really good tournament and Sadio won it. Now I have to say congratulations. I saw some pictures from Senegal and explained what you meant to them right after the match.”

And he continued: “The pressure on Sadio was great with the penalty miss in the match and then playing the last kick. It’s a wow, I can’t imagine how he would feel. But you can see the joy and relief after that and it’s clear that he was in the best shape possible.”

And he concluded: “I sent him a text message, but he is still in Senegal celebrating. It was clear that it was a big tournament and it meant the world to him.”

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