Less than an hour separates the world from seeing baby Ryan

Chefchaouen (news now) 02/05/2022 16:50

It is expected that Ryan’s rescue operation will be completed in less than an hour

Moroccan media said that the child is expected to arrive Rayan Inside the well within an hour from now if the pace of drilling continues as it is now, and rescuers in Morocco were able today, Saturday, to reach the location of the Moroccan child’s position Rayan In the deep well.

The rescue operation for Rayan, aged 5, has continued since last Tuesday afternoon, after he was stuck in the middle of a 60-meter-deep well, not exceeding 30 cm in diameter, on the outskirts of the city of Chefchaouen, in northern Morocco. Included on social media under the title “Save Ryan”.

Millions in Morocco and the Arab world are waiting for a happy end to the ordeal of the child, whose story has brought wide international sympathy. In a special statement to “Akhbar Alan”, the father of the Moroccan child, Rayan, said that efforts and rescue operations are continuing for the fourth day in a row, in order to get his son out and asked the world to pray for Rayan.

In parallel with the excavation operations, the authorities put a medical staff on standby to provide first aid as soon as Ryan was recovered, and an ambulance helicopter belonging to the Royal Gendarmerie was provided, equipped with all means of resuscitation and ambulance, to transport him when necessary to the specialized hospital. In addition to a medical ambulance and a health team that includes a doctor specialized in resuscitation and anesthesia, two nurses in resuscitation and anesthesia coming from the regional hospital, and three nurses from the city’s health center.

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