“Lhasa” is a new, contagious and deadly epidemic… and Britain records the first death

And the British Health Security Agency stated that the death was recorded in the Bedfordshire region, while the authorities monitored two cases of an Ebola-like virus, in eastern England, on Wednesday.

According to the British “Sky News” network, the three people infected with “Lassa fever” belong to one family that recently returned from West Africa.

Lassa fever, a health disorder of animal origin, is endemic in some areas of West Africa.

And the British Health Authority indicated that it was in contact with individuals who had contact with the infected, in order to assess their health status and give them advice.

The source added that the danger to public health in Britain as a result of these injuries remains very low.

A spokesman for the hospital, which registered the death in Bedfordshire, said: “We can confirm the death of the individual who had Lassa fever, and our condolences go to the family at this difficult time.”

Lassa fever is caused by infection with the Lassa virus, while Britain has recorded only eight cases of the disease since 1980.

The last recorded infection with Lassa fever in Britain was in 2009, and experts say that the disease is transmitted when exposed to food or household items that carry an infection from the droppings and urine of mice infected with the virus, and it is also transmitted through infected body fluids.

This disease leads to the death of 5,000 people a year, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists it among the diseases endemic in parts of West Africa.

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