Libya .. Bashagha pledges to a government that “holds elections and spreads peace”

Bashagha, who was chosen by the House of Representatives in Tobruk to take over the position, added that the government will work to hold the expected elections and establish national reconciliation, stressing that there is no place for hatred, hatred, revenge and injustice in the new Libya.

Upon his arrival in Tripoli, Bashagha pledged to establish relations with all countries of the world on the basis of mutual respect, joint action and permanent coordination.

He expressed his aspiration for positive cooperation with the United Nations Mission in Libya, stressing that he will cooperate with the House of Representatives and the State, as “no government can succeed without cooperation with the legislative authority.”

On the other hand, however, the assignment of Bashagha collides with Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, holding his position until elections are held, which foreshadows a political confrontation that may develop into a military one.

Dabaiba quickly refused to assign Bashagha, accusing the House of Representatives of fraud and another attempt to enter Tripoli by force.

The parliament’s decision was welcomed internally, as the Libyan National Army announced its support for Bashagha, and the mayors of the municipalities of the western region, al-Jabal and the interior of al-Jabal al-Gharbi announced their support for the parliament’s plan to change the government.

But in international reactions, the United Nations announced that it still considered Dabaiba the head of the government of Libya, and the organization’s spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said that the United Nations’ position “has not changed towards Dabaiba.”

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