Libya is drowning in drugs..a black fate awaits neighboring countries

Libya has recently witnessed a sharp boom in the drug trade, and the security forces succeeded in seizing tons of narcotic substances that gangs tried to bring in by sea and land to be promoted inside the country or transported to other countries in the African continent, but what was not seized is much greater.

The sea releases drugs

A security source told “Sky News Arabia” that the ministry seized, within two days, hundreds of kilograms of drugs coming from Tunisia, and others found by citizens on beaches, the size of which is estimated at more than 250 kilograms.

The source added that a large fishing boat loaded with hashish shipments believed to be coming from a border country across the sea sank on the Libyan coast, and the waves threw the shipment on the shore, expecting this scenario to be repeated.

Localization of the drug trade

According to the Libyan political analyst, Sultan Al-Baroni, all circumstances make Libya a fertile ground for drugs since the security chaos after 2011 became a magnet for gangs, and even extremist currents used drugs for financing, recalling the attempt by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia to bring narcotic shipments into Libya.

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Al-Baroni warned that the militia chaos in western Libya and the insecurity in the south, with the continued absence of the state, might contribute to the settlement of this trade, and Libya would become a center for distributing drugs to African countries.

The Libyan military analyst, Taha Al-Bashir, agreed that the chaos of the borders and the absence of military support from the Libyan security contributed to the boom in the drug trade in the country.

Al-Bashir added, to “Sky News Arabia”, that the size of the seizures is certainly a very small percentage compared to what is on the ground, especially since there are reports confirming the existence of huge camps where hundreds work for the manufacture of narcotics.

The drug trade in Libya caused many troubles for its neighbors, according to Al-Bashir, noting that “everything that is bad started at one time from inside Libya its neighbors, whether terrorists, weapons, drugs or illegal immigrants.”

And last October, “Sky News Arabia” obtained information from within the Libyan Ministry of Interior that the drug trade has recently been very active, and the amount of seizures has exceeded what was seized in the past years.

The ministry confirmed at the time that there are militias involved in distributing drugs, as well as gangs operated by these militias in the south of Libya, and their mission is to distribute what is entered through some ports; land, sea or air.

Not far from this is what the Swiss Global Initiative has warned of the growth of regional cannabis smuggling networks, and the idea of ​​smuggling gangs that Libya is a center for drug distribution in Africa, as it has become in illegal immigration and arms smuggling.

In the latter half of last year, security forces raided dozens of sites and camps involved in drug trafficking and trafficking. At that time, Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba commented that a major security campaign was targeting drug gangs and illegal immigration.

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