Libya is waiting..a decisive session in Tobruk and the threat of my brothers from Tripoli

A foggy scene about the fate of the upcoming transitional phase, amid active movements by the Brotherhood in order to further exacerbate the scene, and prevent reaching an early date for the elections demanded by the Libyan street.

Inciting calls, followed by secret meetings in the heart of the capital, Tripoli, according to informed sources, in order to ignite the situation and return to the cycle of violence again. Preparations for the mobilization began on the seventeenth of February; In order to increase the pace of political and security chaos, according to experts.

“An ambiguous position and the Brotherhood is seeking the most dangerous,” Libyan academic Muhammad Al-Hilawi described the current scene in the Libyan arena, hours before the upcoming parliament session, stressing that the Brotherhood will not miss any opportunity to ignite the situation completely if its interests are damaged.

The Libyan academic added, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that the organization is now moving quickly on the ground; In anticipation of the session in which the House of Representatives hears the statements of candidates for the position of Prime Minister.

Tobruk session and Tripoli meeting

The escalating debate over the transitional phase in light of popular and international demands to set a date for the presidential elections soon, has renewed fears of a return to conflicts in the country once again.

In the same context, the Libyan academic Muhammad Al-Hilawi said that the prolonged process of resolving the government’s position increases the blockage and increases the division as well. In light of the refusal of a number of regional powers to change the government instead of going to the elections, which are the basis of the political process and the international road map, which is now among the dead.

During his statements, Al-Hilawi pointed to another looming danger, which is the call of a number of deputies to hold a session today in order to obstruct the parliament’s program to elect a new prime minister, a call described as seeking to deepen the division in Parliament.

A number of deputies preceded the expected session by announcing another session to be held in Tripoli; to coordinate efforts around national entitlements; to end the transitions.

For his part, the Libyan politician Muhammad al-Douri said: “The country’s crisis has become a prey among the current political bodies that do not want the country to reach a real solution, unlike the movements of the Dark Organization, (in reference to the Brotherhood), which began mobilizing and inciting on the seventeenth of May. this November.”

Brotherhood movements

Over the past few days, until dawn today, the Libyan capital, Tripoli, witnessed intermittent clashes between a number of militias affiliated with the terrorist Brotherhood, whose meetings were active in the capital between armed militias in the past days.

In that corner, the Libyan politician, Muhammad Al-Douri, confirmed, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that what is happening in Tripoli is a message aimed at the uncontrolled arms and militias in the hands of the Brotherhood, a weapon that the group has used frequently in the country’s crisis.

Al-Douri added: “The Brotherhood will not allow at any price to strike its sources of funding, which it feeds on, such as the United Bank of Libya and the ministries in which the organization penetrates, to control the state’s capabilities and plunder its wealth.”

A group of armed militias in the capital, Tripoli, rejected any change of government and a decision of Parliament about the transitional phase. Here, Al-Douri confirmed that all skirmishes and clashes that occur in the capital are under the control of the Brotherhood, which is trying to find a foothold within any political role in the country; Because the street rejected him after the truth about that organization was revealed.

The Libyan politician explained that the Brotherhood is also suffering from a beating of a source that the organization used to finance its militias, which is smuggling through the south of Libya, which is currently witnessing a state of imposing security and purging it of militias and gangs that plunder the country’s wealth.

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