Life begins after seventy… the story of “Amal”, the oldest student in Egypt

The journey of the girl “Amal” ended, like other girls of her generation, in the second preparatory grade at the Holy Family School, where it is believed that the girl “has nothing but marriage and the formation of a family, and there is no need for additional expenses in education.”

“A person who loses something does not give it,” some believe in this saying, but “Amal” does not believe in it, as she gave her four children what she was deprived of.

She decided to see her dream in them, and she told “Sky News Arabia”: “I told myself that proper education is the most important at that stage. I raised them to be useful and a real asset for Egypt. Distinguished education stems from the home and is reflected in the children.”

In a tone of pride, Amal recounted that her four sons “received the highest grades and completed their education to obtain a doctorate. I have two doctors and two engineers, and God willing, they will help Egypt in their fields.”

Amal’s story about completing her studies began after 38 years of stopping at the second grade of secondary school: “I felt during that period that my dream of excelling for my children had been fulfilled, and I must fulfill my personal dream of completing my studies and joining the university without regard to the age, which may cause an obstacle for some.”

Life begins after seventy

At the beginning of the seventies, Amal Ismail Metwally obtained high school, and said: “I was very happy, God helped me and helped me achieve the first step towards my dream, and because of my love and craving for reading, with which I could spend a number of hours a day, I decided to enter the Faculty of Arts. meeting section.

At the gates of the college, the seventy-year-old woman stood, dreaming of excellence, telling “Sky News Arabia” that she was able to achieve “great success in the first year, and I had an arrangement for the batch in that year, but in my second year I sat at home for 6 months as a result of my leg being severely broken, To lose my presence in college and with it the arrangement for the batch that I was seeking to achieve.”

This harsh circumstance did not allow the oldest student of science in Egypt to complete her dream, and she said: “For years, I was able to graduate from college with a good grade, amid great support from my professors who knew how much I appreciated and respected them, to the point that I was always present at all the lectures and never absent except for medical conditions.

From the womb of pain, hope is born

“Amal” recalls a number of harsh experiences she had, and narrates: “I had cancer twice, and this matter only represented another challenge for me towards completing what I dreamed of, and my husband supported me in it, whose death was painful for me, but I took her to the start towards obtaining a master’s degree.” .

At the age of seventy-nine, the Egyptian student is currently working on completing the master’s degree, “I am nearing the end of that stage, which will not be the end. I am also looking forward to obtaining a doctorate as long as he is still old.”

The message of striving and diligence, this is how “Amal” called it, addressed to young people who aspire to excellence and knowledge: “Never despair, talk to despair and disease and tell them that you are strong and can defeat them, and do not despair also of the mercy of the Lord of the universe because He is next to you and feels you, and He sends you support and aid in The right time.”

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