London police chief resigns after ‘chain of scandals’ rocked security force

Dick, who became London’s first female police chief in 2017, said she had “no choice but to step down” after London Mayor Sadiq Khan lost confidence in her leadership.

Khan said Thursday he was “dissatisfied with the response of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner” after telling her that sweeping changes were needed “to eradicate racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination and misogyny” in the force’s ranks.

Dick said she was “deeply saddened” but “it’s clear that the mayor no longer has enough confidence in my leadership to continue.”

The sudden resignation of the police commissioner comes as her force is tasked with investigating the “Partygate scandal” which centers around alleged parties held by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in violation of Corona virus restrictions.

Dick said she would remain in the position for a short period of time, pending the appointment of a successor, “to ensure the stability of the work of the London Police”.

The 61-year-old commissioner has long faced calls to resign after scandals including the rape and murder of then-police officer Wayne Cousins, a woman named Sarah Everard, in March 2021.

Dick noted this in her resignation statement, expressing her regret for this crime as well as “several other horrific cases recently which I know have damaged confidence in this wonderful police force.”

But she said the force “has turned its full attention to restoring public confidence,” adding that it was “very optimistic about the future of London and London police”.

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