Macron: Concrete and realistic solutions to end the tension between the West and Russia

“I think there are some concrete and realistic solutions that will allow us to move forward, and we will discuss these solutions together. We will talk about this with Putin and the allies in the coming weeks and months,” Macron said at a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart.

He continued, “We hope that the situation will stabilize and that we will be able to recommit to the solution through mechanisms, in order to reach a gradual de-escalation.”

The French president noted that “the main duty in the coming weeks is to work on two tracks, the first is the implementation of a systematic mechanism within the framework of the Minsk Agreement, and our last meeting.”

As for the second track, as he put it, it includes “the necessity of innovative, new and updated dialogue, which will allow setting new and joint guarantees that will allow the establishment of peace, security and stability on our continent.”

He continued, “We had the opportunity to work with Putin and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel to conduct the Normandy Agreement in December 2019, at which time the four leaders were able to reach steps that are currently being implemented, especially in the humanitarian field.”

And he added, “On January 26, the four countries recommitted themselves to the Minsk agreements, which aim to preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty and chart the way to stability. Yesterday, I touched upon this issue with Putin, which is to recommit to respecting the Minsk agreements.”

Macron addressed his Ukrainian counterpart at the conference, saying: “I thank you for your willingness to abide by these agreements, and this common determination is the only way that allows us to build, establish peace and reach a lasting political solution.”

He said, “Given this Ukrainian and Russian commitment, we have the ability to move forward with these agreements. We have wasted a long time looking for a negotiation mechanism, but it is time for all those involved in the negotiations to start working in good faith. We know that the path is possible and the desire of both France and Germany is to accompany you to achieve These goals, and I would like us to continue to work together, to work in a concrete way to advance the technical issues, thanks to your determination to work things out.”

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