Magdi Yaqoub, the “fake”, suspends a program. A wave of anger and demands for accountability

The Bureau of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation said in a statement that it had “decided to stop the Life is Better program on Al-Hadath channel today, and to refer the channel’s officials for investigation.”

The statement stated that “the Media Syndicate has been addressed to deal with the disciplinary aspect of the program’s presenters.”

According to the statement, the Council’s Monitoring Committee followed up the broadcast of a false telephone conversation with a person claiming to be Yaqoub, describing the call as “misleading, deceit, and a breach of professional credibility in which various media outlets must work.”

The incident sparked widespread controversy on social media, condemning the falsification of the call, amid calls for those responsible to be held accountable.

On the other hand, the head of the Egyptian Media Syndicate, Tariq Saada, revealed that two criminal lawsuits had been filed against the presenters of the program and all its employees, as well as against the channel that allowed its broadcast, on charges of misleading and lying to the public and broadcasting a phone call to a person on the grounds that he is the global surgeon of the heart.

In statements to “Sky News Arabia”, Saada indicated that the Syndicate officially informed the Public Prosecution against the aforementioned, stressing: “According to the Syndicate’s law, it is responsible for holding broadcasters as well as all program workers to account, as well as its right to notify the Public Prosecution of criminal violations committed by any television station operating in Egypt”.

Saada also indicated that the Syndicate examined the call attributed to Jacob, and it became clear to it by emulating the voice that he was not the well-known surgeon but rather a fake person, with the intention of gaining views of the channel.

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