“Magic effect”…Treatment of hair loss with the juice of a kind of vegetable

Onion juice is one of the many home remedies promoted to combat the possibility of baldness, so it is accepted by many, despite its strong smell.

The most common type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, which usually leads to a receding hairline in men, and hair loss at the crown of the head in women..

This affects nearly half of men over the age of 50, and about half of women over the age of 65, according to the Alopecia UK.

But age is not the only factor that plays a role in hair loss, as there are dozens of reasons that may lead to hair thinning or hair loss, including in young people..

For example, alopecia areata, of which half of all cases begin in childhood, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, the size of a coin..

Group CEO said:EsteHair and skin therapist Sam Sencker: “Hair loss can be a challenging experience, and it can lead to a lack of self-confidence, negative self-image, and even social isolation.”.

“Hair loss can often be treated successfully, depending on the type and severity, thanks to continuous improvements in technology and research.”

The hair transplant surgeon added: “Many patients are looking for different ways to stop the deterioration and promote hair growth, and onion juice is one of the most common home remedies.”.

He explained that onion juice is believed to improve blood circulation around the hair follicles, which is vital, because insufficient blood flow deprives hair of essential nutrients, leaving it at risk of breakage or shedding.

It is also known that onions contain a high percentage of sulfur, and sulfur is found in amino acids, which are components of protein, which is necessary to keep hair strong, according to the American “Healthline” website..

Sam pointed to a study in 2002 that looked at the ability of onion juice to treat alopecia areata, in which about 38 patients were divided into two groups, one using onion juice on the scalp twice daily for two months, and the other using tap water..

After 6 weeks, 20 of 23 patients (87 percent) in the onion juice group reported hair growth, compared to only 2 of 15 patients (13 percent) in the tap water group..

Positive testimonies also spread through social media, of people who used onion juice and found improvement after the rate of hair loss decreased.

One of them said: “I have been using onion juice for the past two weeks, and new hairs started growing,” according to the British newspaper, “The Sun”.

Experts recommend blending onions in a “blender” to extract the juice, gently placing it on the scalp, and leaving it for at least 15 minutes. Others said they put it on overnight to get the best results.

It is reported that the British National Health Service says that most cases of hair loss do not need treatment, because it is either temporary, for example, as a result of a nutritional deficiency that can be repaired, or “a natural part of aging.”“.

Steroid injections, creams, immunotherapy, phototherapy, and hair transplants are other ways to try to treat hair loss.

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