Manchester City FC celebrates the 5th anniversary of the launch of an initiative for girls

Dubai (sports department) 02/10/2022 14:27

Manchester City encourages young girls to play football

  • The English club celebrates the five-year anniversary of launching its initiative in the UAE
  • The initiative requires recording a short video of them scoring a goal or stopping the attempt to score a goal and sharing it on social media.

Celebrate club Manchester City The Football Association marks the successful five-year anniversary of the launch of its pioneering initiative and program aimed at encouraging young girls to play the game of football, coinciding with the launch of the new cycle of the program for the 2022 season.

initiative “Same GoalsThe global launch launched by the English club has been very popular and active since it was first launched in 2018, and more than 5,000 girls have taken the initiative to share their recordings during the previous sessions.

The initiative launched by the club around the world aims to encourage girls of all ages to practice this fun sport and interact with the club, by recording a short video of them scoring a goal, or standing up to an attempt to score.

goal, and share it on social media, to get them a PUMA-branded soccer ball.

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of the launch of the initiative, the . Club is organizing Manchester City A number of events in the country The United Arab Emirates To allow young girls to interact with the sport of football, including organizing an event

Free to follow the Manchester City derby in Expo 2020 Dubaiwhich takes place on Sunday, March 6th.

The club is also organizing a range of events with the City Schools junior football players in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in addition to providing special content targeting young players across the region in support of this initiative.

The “Same Goals” initiative is open for participation until March 11, 2022, and for more information about the initiative, please visit:

A goal, or a save, can be done anywhere and with any type of ball, with the advantage of the most creative and innovative participation. And post the video on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok using the hashtag #SameGoals, or alternatively they can upload the video directly to the Manchester City website at:

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