Mark Zuckerberg sarcastic responses to his threat to close Facebook in Europe

California (independent) – 12/02/2022. 18:01

European responses to Mark Zuckerberg’s threats to close Facebook

threatened Mark Zuckerberg Facebook and Instagram closed in Europe due to regulations aimed at hampering app data collectiondead‘, formerly known as “Facebook”, issued the warning in a report submitted by the Securities Commission

Finance and stock exchange last week.

The new German Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, told reporters during a meeting in Paris last Monday that he had lived without Facebook and Twitter for 4 continuous years, after he was hacked, and added: “Life was wonderful.”

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed to his colleague, German Minister Habek, that life would be very good without the Facebook application, as he put it.

And if a company implements Mark Zuckerberg This decision could lead to Britons being banned from accessing Facebook and Instagram.

In its report, Meta said that unless European data rules were relaxed, the company “likely” would not be able to offer its “most important products and services”, including Facebook and Instagram, in the European Union.

Meta processes its data across the US and Europe, and the company says this is critical to the way it does business.

Meta is demanding that it be allowed to continue using the Transatlantic Data Transfer Framework called Privacy Shield, the legal basis the company used to make data transfers until it was revoked in July.

(July) 2020 under new laws designed to protect Europeans’ data.

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