Minister of Internal Administration confirms Galamba contact on April 26

The Minister of Internal Administration confirmed this Friday that he received a call from the Minister of Infrastructure on April 26, having then put João Galamba in contact with the national director of the PSP.

“What I have to say is very simple. On that day, referred to by the Minister of Infrastructure, he actually contacted me and what I basically did was try to put him in contact with the national director of the PSP. hence it is in the records and it is in the Public Prosecutor’s Office”, José Luís Carneiro told journalists, after having chaired, in Setúbal, an action promoted by the General Inspection of Internal Administration (IGAI).

On Thursday, at the hearing at the TAP inquiry commission, João Galamba revealed that on April 26 he called the Minister of Internal Administration and asked to speak “very urgently with the PSP” about the “aggressions and theft of a computer ” in the Ministry of Infrastructure that were reported to him.

The case is related to the dismissal of Frederico Pinheiro, that same night, and involves complaints against the former assistant for physical violence at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the alleged theft of a laptop computer, a case that is being investigated by the Public Ministry.

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