Mogadishu .. Suicide attack targeting delegates to choose representatives"Somaliland"

Mogadishu (news now) 02/10/2022 21:08

Al Shabaab Mujahideen Group vowed to target its delegates in Mogadishu

  • Local residents reported that gunmen shot an electoral delegate yesterday

A suicide bomber blew himself up near the “Ail Gabet” intersection in the “Hamwein” neighborhood of the Somali capital.Mogadishutargeting a bus carrying electoral delegates from “Somaliland”, injuring civilians, according to reports.

A spokesman for the Somali police command, “Abdulfattah Aden Hassan,” said the bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber.
Noting that the road on which the terrorist attack took place was closed to traffic, due to the location of the Major General Kaheh training center.

That center, which was the headquarters of the electoral process through which the representatives of the northern governorates are chosen, is expected, near a checkpoint guarding the presidential palace and searching cars that enter the headquarters of government in Mogadishu “Villa Somalia”.
Observers pointed out that the targeting of delegates authorized to choose the representatives of the People’s Assembly in the Somali parliament comes in the context of the Mujahideen Youth Group’s pledge to target them, which is happening almost daily during the past few weeks.

In the same context, local reports attributed the killing of a delegate participating in the electoral process in the capital, Mogadishu, to Al-Shabab fighters, and local residents reported that gunmen armed with pistols shot yesterday “Mahmoud Jamea Agal (Gler)”, one of the electoral delegates from the federal state of Galmudug, The accident took place in the Yaqshed district of Banadir governorate.

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