Moroccan authorities ban the press from the birthplace of Rayan

Tonight’s news – 06/02/2022. 23:57

Morocco prepares for the funeral of the child Ryan

Morocco prepares for the funeral baby ryan, in a majestic popular funeral, after determining the causes of death by specialized doctors. The peoples of the world had followed with great sadness the attempts to save him, and the hopes and invitations prevailed on the Arab and foreign communication sites, but the whole world was grieved Sunday with great disappointment following the death of the child, which put a sad end to the most dramatic drama that united all humanity and followed it in a live broadcast on Arab and foreign satellite channels.

The body of the “well child” is lying in the military hospital in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, after 5 days of clinging to the hope of finding him and exhuming him alive.

On Sunday morning, local authorities prevented journalists from passing to the Igran roundabout, the birthplace of the deceased child Ryan.

The local authorities tighten the control of the national ID cards for passers-by, and only allow the passage of residents in the roundabouts adjacent to the center.

In the same context, journalists were prevented from obtaining family testimonies regarding the incident, forcing them to content themselves with taking some pictures inside the Egran roundabout.

After announcing the official news of his death, the Royal Court clarified in a statement issued yesterday evening, Saturday, that King Mohammed VI made a phone call to Rayan’s parents, and expressed his deepest condolences to all family members, and also expressed his appreciation for the tireless efforts of the authorities during the process of removing Rayan from the well.

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