Morocco.. Fears of a catastrophe due to the “large crowds” near the child Ryan

Estimates revealed the presence of about five thousand people near the site of the tragic accident, coming from different regions of Morocco, to the village of Agran, in the north of the Kingdom.

And he calls on Moroccans who follow the rescue operations through various means, to remove the people gathered near the well, to avoid pressure on the fragile soil in the area, and to prevent a “disaster” that might undermine all efforts made to save the child Rayan.

Sources from the scene revealed that the authorities set up dozens of iron barriers in order to prevent the crowds from reaching the area where the excavation work is taking place, with the exception of journalists and rescue team members.

Rescue operations continue for 5-year-old Ryan, who fell on Tuesday into a 32-meter-deep well, not far from his family’s home.

A few hours ago, the rescue teams finished their vertical digging works, and began digging horizontally, relying on manual digging and light mechanisms, to avoid any soil erosion or rockslides.

Invitations to disperse the crowd

And the pioneers of social networking sites in Morocco shared posts calling on the supervisors of the drilling process and the local authorities to remove the crowds scattered in separate areas around the scene of the accident, in order to preserve the progress of the process and to avoid the occurrence of any fatal error.

Through his account on Twitter, Moroccan journalist Mohamed Oumoussa commented: “At least 5,000 people, according to estimates, gathered in the vicinity of the accident, filming and screaming, as if they were watching a football match… God help the rescue teams.”

Omose added in another tweet: “Total chaos and screaming at the scene of the accident, and the public forces are suffering both. I am afraid that these human crowds will run towards the child Ryan as soon as he is recovered.”

In turn, the Prime Minister of the parallel youth government, Ismail Hamrawi, drew attention to the danger of the gathering of thousands of people in the area of ​​the accident, and wrote on his Facebook account: “Solidarity is important in such moments, but this gathering is a lot of danger, first for the stationed citizens themselves and on the soil because the excavations pass through.” Now at a delicate stage, and any pressure factors that might complicate the situation.”

In the same context, civil activist Yassin El Wargi commented on his Facebook page, saying: “The citizens, instead of contributing to saving the child Rayan, are obstructing the rescue process by narrowing the area around the accident. The authorities must disperse and prevent anyone from entering the Tamrout group.”

social behavior

A number of sociology researchers assert that the most prominent motive behind the large number of people from faraway areas to the place of the fall of the child Ryan is sympathy with him and his family and their desire to closely monitor the progress of the rescue operation.

Sociology researcher Zakaria Akedid attributes the reasons behind the intense crowding of people in the vicinity of the accident to the pattern of crisis management and special situations in the midst of traditional societies, which makes its members voluntarily bear the responsibility for managing exceptional cases, by highlighting forms of traditional solidarity.

Akdid added, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that today this is colliding with a more precise and specialized central measure, and thus the speaker classifies the citizens’ interaction and their intense influx in such cases, within the context of their being dragged behind their desire and enthusiasm to find a solution to the problem spontaneously.

The speaker continues that the phenomenon of crowds engulfing during disasters, highlights that a person does not live for himself, but also has an interest in what is happening around him in terms of phenomena, he can interact with, which is spread in some popular neighborhoods, where neighborhood youth still intervene to put out fires, or provide support when An earthquake or the like.

On the other hand, the social researcher stresses that the intervention of community members in the management of special cases should be curbed, because of what it may constitute a prejudice to the public interest, or an obstruction to the central measure of that case.

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