Morocco..Security and logistical preparations ahead of the funeral of the child Ryan

According to local reports, the body of the child, Rayan Siwari, will be buried on Monday in the “Baloush” cemetery, after the funeral prayer was held near his house on the outskirts of the pit in which he fell.

Sources pointed out that great security and logistical preparations precede Rayan’s funeral, to provide the appropriate conditions before the mourners arrive.

The Moroccan radio and television website said that the bulldozers are preparing the place where the funeral prayer will take place, in addition to paving the road in order to facilitate the arrival of cars to the place, and a parking site is being prepared, given the nature of the rugged terrain.

It was also noted that a massive landing of the royal gendarmerie, the auxiliary forces, and the local authorities, to secure this event, which is expected to be attended by thousands.

At the same time, the Moroccan authorities began work to fill in the well in which the child fell, as well as the tunnel, whose construction required strenuous efforts to reach it.

The 5-year-old boy, Ryan, fell into a water hole at a depth of 32 metres, last Tuesday.

And it took 5 days to rescue him, which received international media follow-up, before he was taken out of the well, on Saturday evening, dead.

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